Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seeing Through the Picture

So earlier today, I was browsing through Pinterest, and noticed a few "pretty" pictures that were pinned by other people. I couldn't tell easily on the general thumbnail picture, but when I clicked on it, I instantly thought the words "this is a fake, it's heavily Photoshopped". Now, if I were to take a step back and ignore the fact it's Photoshopped, then I can understand the people who re-pinned the image as "pretty" image. However, the fact that the final image was executed poorly really bothers me and makes me wonder how many people realize it.

This led me to wonder, is it pessimism if one can recognize a "pretty" picture as a fake?

First off, I know that I don't use Photoshop (or Lightroom, even though I have it :() for post-production. BUT as someone who took a class on Photoshop in high school and understand the basics of it, it's a little sad that I can spot the obvious evidence of the Photoshop work.

The pictures weren't as bad as the stuff found on this website, but if you're going to copy, mirror the copied section, and overlap the two parts of the image, at least remove bits in the background that are on both sides of the image. Another image looked like someone took the blur tool, except it looks like there was wind which affected only one of the trees... yeah, what about the other trees?

In the end, how many non-photographers can recognize if a picture is heavily photo-shopped or natural? Yes, the world today is full of images that have gone through post production (and it's not just limited to this media), but is it acceptable if moments that didn't happen were created? I guess that one's going to depend on the intention behind the image. :|

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