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Weekly Assignment 19: Lighting- Natural Window Light

When I came upon this, I felt it was appropriate for the assignment topic. I love how the wall (and the nearby trees and bushes) prevent sunlight from coming in except through the window. Yup, it was outside... a random hidden window, just letting in the light. :)

The only issue I have with this was that it was a subject that could work well in both horizontal and vertical. I haven't taken a picture in a while where selecting the best from two shots was this difficult. :|

Weekly Assignment 18: Composition- A Sense of Depth

Although the subject of the picture isn't the prettiest, I wanted the middle ground to actually show what the subject was, not the foreground. I guess I could've done a better job by angling the camera differently so that the distance between the foreground and the middle ground been more distinctive.

Project 366: 4/14/12

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Project 366: 4/4/12

Weekly Assignment 17: Red

Another color topic... to be honest, I'm afraid of a "rainbow" assignment down the line... ._.

Putting that aside, I tried to find a shade of red that my eyes would go to instantly: bright and shiny. (And in this case, metallic) :P

Weekly Assignment 16: Get Down

With this topic, I wanted to take a picture of something that people don't see often or forget about. To me, I haven't been out in a garden lately, so seeing the roots of potted plants is why I chose that as the subject. However, I feel that I could've done a better shot with more of a ground-point-of-view by having the camera on the ground.

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Weekly Assignment 15: Less is More

I know it's been a while since I've done weekly assignments. My schedule has been hectic and it's the latter half of the semester now, so I'm a little uncertain if it'll lighten up anytime soon. :(

Anyways, for this topic, I interpreted it as what's missing from the picture says more. (I guess it's just a literal interpretation of the topic -.-)

Project 366: 4/1/12