Monday, January 25, 2010

The camera that could...

The first digital camera I had, well technically my dad bought it for himself to use but I ended up "borrowing" it..., was an Olympus point and shoot. Since I don't have the camera on me, I don't remember the exact model number for it. It was Olympus miu-something...

Well, this was the closest image I could find on the internet...

So pretty much, I had that thing on me all the time in high school. Whenever there was something I wanted to take a picture of, it was always there. At that time I thought I was getting pretty decent pictures, but recently I realized, that compared to my current camera, it doesn't have that many pixels so the image is pretty blurry. :( Oh well, it helped me get some photography experience.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I've been doing photography since sophomore year in high school. That year I took a darkroom photography class that was offered at my school. During junior year, I took the next class, which was digital photography. I look back and wonder how I had gotten decent grades, when my work was a pile of... well, really horribly Photoshopped images. (I admit, I've played around with Photoshop for a bit, but have no idea how to make all the functions work to make the image awesome like how other people do.)

While reminiscing, I found a cd with my old black and white photos that were scanned. (I was nominated for an award, so had to scan in my portfolio)

It's weird that I miss darkroom photography, although I could name a few pain-in-the-neck things that bothered me... like buying special b&w film ($3-$4 for one), having to buy your own printing paper, negative case, and the smell of the stop bath.

But then again, everything has its pros and cons...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was being lazy today and finally decided to go down to the Farmer's Market at around 4~ish. (the one for Thursday was open until 7pm according to the website, so I thought it would be the same for the Saturday one) Well, I was wrong and it was closed, but I did retake that picture from the previous post.

So I couldn't decide between these two... :P

Although the camera angle isn't as impressive as the last picture, it's not as cluttered... but then again, interpretation is up to the viewer.
*sigh* I wish I had a better camera...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Long time no write...

Ooops! So it's been 4+ months since I last wrote an entry on here. :( Yes, I need to blog more often, but have been really busy with other stuff rather than taking pictures. Why did I come back? Well, I really really want to continue with taking photographs, so this might be helpful in getting me back on track.

Not the best shot, so will have to retake again soon...

Anyways to start things off again, here's a funny article I found about recent digital cameras that made me laugh: Are Face-Detection Cameras Racist?

My favorite quote has got to be:
You would think that Nikon, being a Japanese company, would have designed this with Asian eyes in mind.

It gave me a good laugh! :)