Friday, February 26, 2010

3 a day to keep laziness at bay...

So, because of my recent laziness with taking pictures, I figured I should come up with something that would keep me into photography like I used to. The bright idea solution: take three pictures a day of just things I felt needed to be captured and post them here. And the pictures aren't supposed to be a representation of my day like a journal, but of a moment that I felt needed to be captured on "film" so to speak.

These aren't the ones from today, but a week or two ago. I still wanted to put them up.

Rain or shine, I'm hoping to get some interesting shots! :)

And snow... will be at Tahoe over the weekend, but will have 9 pictures ready to upload when I get back... I hope!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

DC... as in Dream Camera

So, now that I've gone through the digital cameras I've owned, here's the dream camera that I want.

No surprise, it's Canon EOS 50D. Obvious reason, it's a DSLR and not an automatic. So, more freedom for me to pick shutter speed, aperture, ISO and all that fun stuff. Another reason is that even though I've taken a few pictures with DSLRs before, it takes me a bit of time to recall all the buttons and functions. I'd personally want one so that I can get comfortable with using one. (I always have a fun time trying to remember how to change the aperture on different DSLRs... such a waste of time)

This reason is a bit of a stretch, but I'd also like to practice taking pictures with different lenses. Since I can't do that right now, I also struggle when taking pictures with different lenses. In the end, no matter how many times I've heard someone explaining all this camera stuff to me, practice is the best way of learning it.

It's never too early to plan for birthday or Christmas ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DC #2

I'm a little surprised that I suddenly got lazy with keeping up with this blog. Especially how I was able to maintain it for a few days straight... :(

Anyways, continuing from the last post, the second digital camera, also the current one I have, is my Nikon Coolpix 7900. Why did I switch cameras to this one? Well, my dad's friend's son works for Nikon, so he gave me/my dad the camera as a thank you present. Of course the Olympus was supposed to be my dad's, so the Nikon ended up being an early birthday present to me during senior year of high school.

Mine still has that sticker with the camera features on it :P

As nice of a camera it is, I wish there were some features that it had. These include: being able to change ISO or shutter speed or aperture, better macro zoom, and blurriness. There are digital cameras (non-SLR) that have the feature to change ISO or shutter speed or aperture, and yet mine lacks it, so it'll always be at ISO 400 and at f4. I tend to shoot a lot of nature or still life shots, but crappy zoom tends to make just a bout 99% of the pictures useless. Blurriness, this is more of shutter speed and such, but my camera has issues taking pictures at night. I guess I could try getting a work out by lugging my tripod around with me... or not.

Beyond the above issues, this camera has gone through a lot of picture taking moments. And 2 damages... bit of scratching due to drop, and the battery compartment lid doesn't close because one part of the plastic has broken off. Yup, it's gone through quite a bit of love.