Thursday, January 5, 2012

Digital Revolution... the Bad?

I stumbled on this article about the recent file for bankruptcy by Kodak.

It's really amazing as to how far photography has come, but really sad at the same time. Kodak dominated the market in making film photography available to the ordinary person, yet with the transition of the market to accommodate the digital age, the company falters behind.

To be completely honest, I really feel that film photography is a great medium to start in, and not digital. First off, you learn a lot of terminology and basic techniques in film that's a little hard to get when learning digital first (such as film speed/ISO). Second, you're forced to learn quicker with film photography, especially if the film costs $4 a shot and developing it is a fun hour of watching the clock. As convenient as digital photography may be, it might be too convenient. Lastly, the physical aspect to film photography. The negatives and prints were all tangible components to film photography, yet with the digital era, it's nothing more than data that's stored (unless the images are printed).

With the bankruptcy of Kodak, also brings the imminent fate of film photography becoming a lost art in the future. :(

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