Sunday, January 24, 2010


I've been doing photography since sophomore year in high school. That year I took a darkroom photography class that was offered at my school. During junior year, I took the next class, which was digital photography. I look back and wonder how I had gotten decent grades, when my work was a pile of... well, really horribly Photoshopped images. (I admit, I've played around with Photoshop for a bit, but have no idea how to make all the functions work to make the image awesome like how other people do.)

While reminiscing, I found a cd with my old black and white photos that were scanned. (I was nominated for an award, so had to scan in my portfolio)

It's weird that I miss darkroom photography, although I could name a few pain-in-the-neck things that bothered me... like buying special b&w film ($3-$4 for one), having to buy your own printing paper, negative case, and the smell of the stop bath.

But then again, everything has its pros and cons...

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