Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flying Back

So flying back from Long Beach Airport was a whole different story. As suggested, I arrived at the airport early, only to be told my flight was delayed by an hour. Okay... so I'm going to be waiting around 3 hours, I'll find something to keep my mind occupied. After finally boarding the plane, takeoff gets delayed even more, about another 45 minutes to the already delayed departure time. Finally when we get to SFO, we're greeted by rain, in which we're stuck in the plane, waiting for the gate to open up. Oh, so after I finally get off the plane, get my luggage, I get to the BART station, only to see the train leave... Yeah, it's easy to tell that I kept myself occupied during those wait times by taking a lot of pictures. -______-

While being bored, I decided to shake the camera while the shutter button was pressed, turned out interesting. :)

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