Wednesday, March 24, 2010

High and Low

It's ridiculously obvious that quite a bit of the pictures I take are either high or low angled shots. So why are a lot of my pictures a result of me killing my neck? *shrug* I actually don't know exactly. The best answer I can give is that everyday objects are viewed as what else? Ordinary everyday objects. I want to show people that even if it's a plain old boring object, it's how you view the object that changes it from mundane to un-mundane...? Ok un-mundane isn't a word, but still you get the point? Yes? I'll just assume it's a yes. :P

I think the first inspiration for the idea was the assignment to take high and low angled photographs in high school. Although the print I eventually turned in for the assignment was of a boring basketball hoop, the idea stuck since.

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