Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Lately all of my posts have been about just the three pictures of the day, so I think it's time I did a random post on something else. The subject of the post is subjects! (yes, horrible pun, I know)

So what do I normally take pictures of? As you can tell from previous pictures of the day, it's: nature, architecture, night (although, I'm terrible at it since I do not use a tripod), and random odds-n-ends that I can't quite put a label on which category to put them in.

Nature, it's all around us, in one form of another (yes, even in big cities). Whether it's a tree or a flower, each has its uniqueness such as color, shape, or the season in which the photograph was taken. Although, I currently don't have a DSLR, when I do get one, I'm hoping to do macro shots of plants and maybe insects, if lucky. Photography does come down to vision and luck. ;)

I tend to take pictures of architecture mainly because it itself is a piece of art when looked at from a different view. For example, take any old building. What makes the building the way it is? The windows? The design? The tiny details that you don't notice unless you stop and look carefully? I'm the type of person that tries to take in my surrounding, and figure out what makes it unique in its own way.

Photography, meaning drawing with light, I find it fitting to do night photos, when the smallest amounts of light (to the camera's sensor, or film) can produce really awesome looking shots. As I've said before, I don't use a tripod for my night shots, even though I have one and don't feel like lugging it around. Personally, I think it's because I actually want to get shots with a steady hand (although that has proved to be a fail numerous times). That is when I try out different methods to try and hold the camera steady, like putting the camera on something/makeshift tripod, or breathing techniques. (Neither have proved to work 100%, but I'm keeping my hopes up)

Then there's the category of odds-n-ends. Do I need to have a reason for wanting to take pictures? It's not like I'm violating someone's privacy or any laws. There really isn't much of a reason for it, besides I thought that the moment was something that should be caught on camera/film. Nothing more, nothing less. Yay pretty pictures! :P

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